California mocked $11 billion high-speed bridge that took nine years to build but is going nowhere

NEW DELHI: The California High Speed ​​Rail Authority is facing criticism for celebrating the completion of a high-speed bridge that cost taxpayers $11 billion and took nine years to build despite the fact that it appears to be going nowhere to lead.

Critics like Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, and Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, are tearing into the authority after it bragged about last year’s completion of a ‘Fresno River Viaduct,’ just part of the state’s long-delayed bullet . train project that seeks to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles, the New York Post reported.

The creator of the funny cryptocurrency, Markus, who also goes by the pseudonym “Shibetoshi Nakamoto,” sarcastically noted in a post on X: “This is the most remarkable human achievement ever.”

“After 9 years and $11 billion, it takes about 5 minutes to walk 1,600 feet, so a high-speed rail line for that is a really big deal. California is so capable,” he said.

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Musk, on the other hand, simply posted a sad, crying emoji to convey his feelings about the boondoggle, which is reportedly at risk of being demolished.

This is happening despite the fact that $11 billion of taxpayer money has already been invested in the high-speed rail project connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This amount includes the cost of the bridge and other developments invested in the first phase of the high-speed route, which extends from Bakersfield, north of Los Angeles, to Merced, about 80 miles from the Bay Area.

The critics were responding to an earlier message from the rail authority, in which they proudly announced that the Fresno River Viaduct in Madera County is one of the “first completed high-speed rail structures.”

The authority said in a post on

In response to reports estimating the total cost of completing the railway at around $100 billion, Markus fired back, saying: “Wow, so impressive, I can’t wait until the year 2400 for this to be finished at a cost of $700 trillion .”

According to the New York Post, venture capitalist Patrick Blumenthal suggested the authority should refrain from self-aggrandizement, sharing a detailed overview highlighting the rail line project’s lack of progress.

“0.3 miles completed. After 15 years. After $11.2 BILLION. $36.96 billion per mile,” Patrick wrote on X.

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